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Hello HAMBURG! Here's an introduction from your new local baker!!
Art and creativity play a big role in my everyday life. It always has. creating has brought joy and excitement to my life. spending time in the kitchen, cooking, and baking is a cultural matter that my family members have. we enjoy cooking, baking and getting together to enjoy our creations. I always had a passion for baking because I'm a dessert lover that loves sweets, especially cute looking ones. every time a family member had to celebrate, I would get too excited to bake a cake for them. I always tried new recipes and combinations inspired by different countries and the techniques they used. the fact that my cakes and sweets were getting too many compliments and succeeding to bring joy and happiness to the person I baked for made me want to bake more. Their excitement and reactions got me even more excited and made me realize that this was a passion I had to go after. I moved to Germany seven years ago and after settling and figuring out the rules and the regulations here, I ended up preparing for a baker's exam and I passed. Now that I'm a certified macaron and cake baker here in Germany, I'm so excited to start a journey and hope to bring joy and happiness to everyone that tries out my desserts and enjoys their optic beauty . after all, my motto is to present a good looking art that tastes good as well!

website coming soon! please follow me on INSTAGRAM in order to keep to with all the updates!


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Taking orders for macarons and cakes.
Variety of macarons. We make custom made ones especially for you too!
Event cakes for all sorts of events and parties.


Corporations, Coffee shops and restaurants that would like to serve our macarons

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