dagmar heppner ceramics

Kleine Serien und Einzelstücke aus Steinzeug und Porzellan. Im Hamburger Atelier auf der Scheibe gedreht.

dagmar heppner ceramics

Trained as a visual artist I have been working in the art world for many years but after a couple of changes in my life I decided to learn how to throw on a pottery wheel. Something I always wanted to learn. Well, I absolutely loved it and am working with porcelain and stoneware since that weekend. My small workshop is in the North of Hamburg where I also live.

The ‚perfect cup‘ (bowl, plate…) is a matter of personal opinion and perfection changes with the drink in my cup, the food on my plate or my morning mood. Inspired by these obstacles of daily life, by Art, nature and everything I see I try to make satisfying objects for different situations loving calm outlines and the incomparable softness of unglazed porcelain.



Dagmar Heppner
22453 Hamburg

0172 342 76 79

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