dagmar heppner ceramics

Kleine Serien und Einzelstücke aus Steinzeug und Porzellan. Im Hamburger Atelier auf der Scheibe gedreht.

dagmar heppner ceramics

I make unique pieces or small sets and series made of stoneware or porcelain. Everything is wheel thrown with functional and quiet forms for daily use. My inspirations are mostly taken from my interests and observations in everyday life:
vases and flower pots (for native wildflowers from my garden)
tableware for good food (I ran a restaurant with a friend for a while)
pots for storage, plates for the large unwrapped cheese I buy or dishes for the soaps I use for hair and body (to avoid plastic and packaging)
and more to come.

Prior to making pottery, I have worked as a visual artist for more than ten years. Different life changing incidents made me leave the known path and I finally started to learn to throw and to work with clay. It is a part time obsession at the moment as I have small children, but makes me utterly happy and I am looking forward to all the things to come.



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